About Our Child Care Centres

Leaping Learners is a proudly Teacher owned and operated child care centre. Leaping Learners Early Education Child Care Centre and was established in June 2007 by Taneka Smith and Amanda Whitmore, two local University Trained Early Childhood Teachers. After many years of experience working in the local child care industry and with a shared passion for teaching, these two preschool teachers have joined forces to achieve their dream of owning their own child care centres. Because of their teaching background and recognition of the critical importance of early learning, our child care centres are dedicated to providing a fantastic educational service to local children.Our child care centre offers an educational approach to traditional child care and our early learning centre program is based on current early childhood research and theory.

As an early learning centre, Leaping Learners has been designed using knowledge of child development and learning, and we have 5 star facilities and equipment in our preschool that reflect our philosophy on the importance of the early childhood years.



Our early education centres are big, bright and colourful with fantastic outdoor play spaces, fun atmosphere and attractively decorated buildings. Children love it here at our early learning centre and we are sure yours will too! Come and play with us!


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Preschool Teachers

Child Care Centre Management

Taneka Smith – Co-owner / Director
Early Childhood Teacher
Bachelor of Teaching Degree

Amanda Whitmore – Co-owner / Director 
Early Childhood Teacher
Bachelor of Teaching Degree

Kelly Hungerford- Authorised Supervisor (Mount Annan)
Early Childhood Teacher
Bachelor of Teaching Degree



Leaping LearnersOur Team
Leaping Learners early education centre has employed staff with a wide range of qualifications, experience and expertise on child care. We are committed to providing high quality care and therefore we employ staff for our daycare with all the necessary qualifications to care for all preschool children.

Leaping LearnersTestimonials
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